Stop Wasting Time on the Wrong Accounts

Take Action on the Right Accounts at the Right Time with Precision Prospecting™

Our Platform Has Supported Sales Teams At

Account Prioritization -> Detailed Research -> Email Personalization

All integrated seamlessly into your CRM. Powered by our proprietary ML and AI.

The Difference:

The Status Quo:
"Pitch & Pray"

  • Approaching every account the same
  • Spending time in conversations digging for pain
  • Missing opportunities when signals are not noticed or not acted upon

Precision Prospecting™
with Opnbx

  • Segmenting accounts by pain & use case
  • Intentional & informed conversations around known pain points
  • Automatic outreach ensures every signal is worked

How Precision Prospecting™ Works

Opnbx ABM AI Screenshot
Step 1

Prioritize accounts in need

  • Ensure your team is targeting accounts that want to have a conversation and disqualifying those that don’t
  • Custom Tiers are built on factors that make accounts close fast at your company
  • Tiers dynamically populated in your CRM to give your team direction
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Step 2

Automate relevant research

  • We build custom data points to support your value proposition
  • Research runs automatically at your preferred frequency
  • Insights are populated within your existing tech stack
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George Suarez CEO Opnbx AI screenshot
Opnbx AI ABM outreach platform
Step 3

Engage Effectively

  • Remove the trade-off between the quality and quantity of outbound emails
  • Leverage research from the previous step to create relevant email messaging around known pains
  • Email copy is ready when a signal is identified, so your team never misses an opportunity again.
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Start targeting the right accounts today