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Find accounts suffering from problems you solve and which prospects are in market RIGHT NOW with Opnbx's bespoke revenue operating platform

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How Opnbx Works

What is a Bespoke Revenue Operating Platform?

Give your revenue org direction to focus on accounts with REAL revenue potential. Layer multiple types of data to get a real time view of your market and where to prioritize sales & marketing efforts.

Step 1

What makes a good account?

Every company is different, our AI platform learns from your revenue team. It scours billions of data points to give you a true overview of your TAM and which accounts are right for you.

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Opnbx Eleven Labs
Step 2

When to reach out?

Get insights into those companies in buying mode right now. By layering account data with people data, understand which prospects from your target accounts are visiting your website in real-time.

Step 3

Who to reach
out to?

No need to play around with multiple data providers. Once you’ve effectively tiered out your accounts, we’ll provide you with your persona’s & contact details including mobile numbers & email addresses.

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Opnbx AI ABM outreach platform
Step 4

How to engage?

No more wasting time on research and email writing - let your reps focus on actually selling. Our AI email writing platform provides the right research, enabling them to create personalized & relevant messages in seconds.

Arm your revenue function with the insights they need to grow